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Indulge in Culinary Artistry: Winetopia Auckland Unveils Restaurant-Led Masterclasses

Embark on a stunning gastronomic journey at Winetopia Auckland 2024. This year, we introduce a tasty addition to our lineup: exclusive restaurant-led masterclasses curated by some of Auckland's most celebrated culinary destinations. Renowned for their innovation, quality, and dedication to excellence, these restaurants represent the pinnacle of Auckland's vibrant food scene. From modern interpretations of New Zealand cuisine to authentic Italian flavours and the celebration of indigenous Kai Māori, each restaurant brings a distinct culinary narrative to Winetopia.  

Each restaurant will serve their signature dishes alongside wines selected from over 300 available at the Winetopia event.  


Duo Eatery - A Taste of Birkenhead's Finest 

The masterminds behind Birkenhead hot spots Duo Eatery, Osteria Uno and their new wine bar Bon Pinard will be giving you a sample of their charming cuisine, with flavours hand-crafted by their very co-owner and chef Jordan MacDonald, expertly paired with a selection of NZ’s finest wines.

From locally sourced ingredients to innovative culinary techniques, expect a delightful exploration of dishes that capture their take on modern Kiwi cuisine.

Discover new flavour combinations, exceptional wines and new reasons to get yourself to this exciting new corner of Birkenhead! 

Culprit - Modern Kiwi with a Global Twist

A cornerstone of Auckland's dining scene, Culprit has earned acclaim for its innovative approach to New Zealand cuisine. Chef and owner Kyle Street, renowned for his playful and creative dishes, will lead a Food & Wine Pairing Masterclass at Winetopia. Expect a journey through Culprit's eclectic menu, featuring nostalgic flavours reimagined with a modern global edge.

Paired with wines curated by Angela Allan, NZ Sommelier of the Year 2023/24, this Masterclass promises a sensory experience that celebrates the art of food and wine pairing. 


Manzo - Italian Passion Meets Auckland's Dining Scene 

New on the block but already making waves, Manzo brings a taste of Italy to Auckland's culinary landscape. Helmed by Fabrizio and Taryne Napolitano, the masterminds behind Spiga & Spiga’s Pantry, Manzo offers a meticulously crafted menu that reflects their Italian heritage and commitment to quality ingredients.

At Winetopia, you can indulge in Manzo's Food & Wine Pairing experience, featuring dishes that highlight the rich flavours of Italy with some delightful wines to match. 


Te Kaahu - Celebrating Kai Māori 

Dive into the rich tapestry of modern Kai Māori with Chef Nancye Pirini at Te Kaahu's Food & Wine Pairing Masterclass. Known for her innovative approach to indigenous cuisine, Chef Nancye invites you to explore the diverse flavours of Aotearoa.

Think traditional Māori ingredients served with contemporary culinary techniques, each dish is thoughtfully paired with wines selected by Te Kaahu's Geoffroy Bringeon. Te Kaahu promises a culinary journey that honours the cultural heritage of New Zealand's indigenous cuisine. 


Bossi - Italy Comes to Downtown Auckland 

A relative newcomer to the Auckland scene, Bossi's food is as stand out as its stunning interior. The essence of Italy comes alive under the expert guidance of Executive Chef Shaun Dowling and owner Jenna Carter.

Located in the bustling heart of downtown Auckland, Bossi invites you to experience an authentic Italian Food & Wine Pairing that celebrates the country's culinary traditions. From handmade pasta to regional specialties, Bossi's menu is a testament to Italy's rich gastronomic heritage, complemented by carefully curated wines that enhance every flavour.  


Each restaurant-led masterclass at Winetopia Auckland includes four canapé-sized dishes thoughtfully paired with wines, ensuring a memorable and immersive tasting experience. Whether you're a seasoned foodie, a wine enthusiast, or someone who appreciates the art of fine dining, these masterclasses offer a rare opportunity to indulge in the best of Auckland's culinary scene in a single event. If there is a more delightful way to discover some new wines and restaurants at the same time, please do let us know! 


Join us at Winetopia Auckland 2024 and elevate your palate with these extraordinary restaurant-led experiences. Immerse yourself in the world of gourmet cuisine and exceptional wines, where every bite and sip tells a story of passion, creativity, and culinary excellence. Book now and we'll see you at Winetopia! 


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