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Take a plunge into the wonderful world of New Zealand wine.

It's a rich tapestry of colour and flavour, people and stories, science and art. There are over 700 wineries now in Aotearoa, up from just 50 forty years ago. From humble agricultural beginnings, our world class wines have conquered the globe and can now be found in even the most illustrious and unexpected of places. Yes, New Zealand Wine punches many times above its weight and in so many ways emulates the wider New Zealand story.


Wine is a force that has changed our rural landscapes, our international reputation and of course our palates. We have fallen in love with it and we invite you to do the same. Be warned though: like so many before us, the more you learn about wine, the better it gets and the deeper you will want to go...

Who are we? Winetopia was created by the team at Lemongrass Productions and we continue to nurture it today. We are a team with decades of experience in creating fantastic event environments. We specialise in taking people to the very heart of a subject that they are most excited about. Food, wine and new experiences are also our passions so you'll find them intertwined in Winetopia and everything we do.

Winetopia above all else is a community - a collective of winemakers, presenters, educators, entertainers and passionate amateurs coming together each year to share their love of this scene with thousands of wine lovers like you! You'll know how to pick the key personalities - they'll have a glint in their eye at our events, like this is their calling and aside from being out on the vineyard, Winetopia is their happy place. We love every one of them for pitching in to make Winetopia the wonderland of wine it is at each and every outing.

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