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Innovate or Die: Winetopia Podcast - A conversation about the NZ Wine Industry

Kia ora! Welcome to the special Winetopia podcast and live recording from the Winetopia event that lit up Wellington in 2023. I'm your host, Rob Elliott, and we're about to take you behind the scenes to a wonderful discussion we had with some of our winery friends.

A chat that I've given the enchanting title, Innovate or Die. I'm not alone on this escapade. Joining me are two titans of the wine world, the irrepressible Mike Bennie and the brilliant Master of Wine, Stephen Wong.

This chat is sponsored by the fine people at Tetra Pak® and is centered around the business of wine. It's more serious than a lot of our talks at Winetopia, and on this one I didn't get to try any wine.

But please give us your feedback in the comments or on social media. Your feedback will help us to plan out some fun discussions for the future. This is Rob Elliott, your guide to the vineyard of dreams, and you're listening to the unfiltered, uncorked tales of Winetopia.


EP001 Innovate or Die with Rob Eliott, Mike Bennie & Stephen WongWinetopia NZ


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