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What does it take to make a super-premium wine? Why does some wine achieve cult status amongst collectors, and command huge prices?


Wine is very much the stuff of dreams. An exceptional wine flowing across a palate can trigger an overload of cognitive responses. This can leave the taster lost for words, spellbound, in awe.


Wines that carry layers of complexity while forming a harmonious symphony in the mind of the beholder have been lauded for thousands of years, but in a world of fast consumerism, only a few wines make it to the top of the global collector’s wish list.


These super premium wines will have something very special about them. Grapes grown by seasoned experts and picked during an exceptional harvest, then cared for by highly skilled custodians. The fame of these wines spreads not over one year but over time. An extraordinary reputation cannot be rushed.


The Winetopia Dream Room will unearth these very special wines to provide Winetopia wine-lovers a glimpse behind the curtain and a very exclusive opportunity to encounter these holy-grail titans of the wine world.


PLUS - One very special Dream Room Masterclass will take place at each event for up to 20 lucky guests. Every GA or Premium ticket purchased will be entered into the draw to win a pair of seats at this special tasting!

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