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Auckland Main Stage

Talks, Tastings & Entertainment

To supplement the search for your favourite drop,  free educational talks and tastings are

scheduled  throughout the sessions on the Main Stage.

This is your opportunity to 'Share a Glass' with our MC  Ben Hurley and some famous faces including Colin Fassnidge, plus hear from renowned wine critics Master of Wine Bob Campbell, Candice Chow, Mermaid Mary, Florent Souche and Jeremy Ellis. Then finish off the night right with fresh beats from our live band, Love Square with Nick Atkinson and Finn  Scholes.


Talks and Tastings

Love Square live (1).jpeg

Love Square on the Main Stage

This heavy parpin' band is the writhing love-child of Hopetoun Brown and Carnivorous Plant Society. Never heard of those bands? Don't worry, Nick Atkinson and Finn Scholes are the hottest horn section in town and this is their new project, custom made so they can spread their wings on sax and trumpet respectively. It doesn't end there, as this groovin' trio take you on a world tour of tropical genres built on Bolivian alpine beats and thruming Jamaican feels laced with soul, Ethio-jazz and pumping Latin rhythms.

Note, on Saturday sessions Lewis McCallum (of Synthony fame)

will be standing in for Nick on the Saxophone.

This is the best way to send your Winetopia experience

to a skyrocketing crescendo!

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