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Sommelier Sessions

With Des Harris

The new Gaggenau Sommelier Sessions offer you a chance to step inside the mind of a Sommelier (and taste some of their favourite wines!). Acclaimed chef Des Harris will also demonstrate sumptuous food matches in the Gaggenau kitchen on the Friday and Saturday evening sessions. For more than three centuries, Gaggenau has been a leading brand in innovative and revolutionary kitchen appliances. They will have their stunning wine cabinets on hand to ensure the precious drops are served at the optimum temperature and in style! All sessions are free to attend on a first come first served basis. 

Gaggenau Sommelier Sessions Friday 5pm - 8.30pm
5.20pm - 5.45pm Start Right With White But Dare To Be Different - Victoria Haysom
6.00pm - 6.30pm Food & Wine Matching with Chef Des Harris and Sommelier Joe Wang
6.45pm - 7.10pm Taste Like A Sommelier with Cameron Douglas MS. 
Highs and lows of earning the title Master Sommelier
7.30pm - 7.55pm The Alternatives… with Candice Chow. Wines on the other side, explore and discover a unique variety and learn to taste subtle nuances that make it different to other styles 
Gaggenau Sommelier Sessions Saturday 12pm - 3.30pm
12.30pm - 12.55pm Food & Wine Matching with Chef Ryan Moore and Sommelier Andrea Martinisi of The Grove
1.15pm - 1.40pm For The Love Of Bubbles with Angela Allan.
A look into different styles of sparkling wines and how to best enjoy them.
2.10pm - 2.35pm Terroir vs Wine Making Expressions with Jeremy Ellis. A blind tasting on what to look for and how to tell.
2.45pm - 3.10pm Food and Wine Pairing 101 with Cameron Douglas MS
Gaggenau Sommelier Sessions Saturday 4.30pm - 8pm
5pm - 5.25pm Can You Do That? With Jeremy Ellis. A challenge to debunk food and wine pairing myths to impress any dinner guest.
5.45pm - 6.15pm Food & Wine Matching with Chef Des Harris and Sommelier Joe Wang
6.30pm - 6.55pm Pinosity with Cameron Douglas MS.
Exploring three very different Pinot Noirs in search of perfection.
7.15pm - 7.40pm Wine Pairing, It's Not Just About The Food with Piers Haszard. Wines specially chosen for the occasion.


Introducing the Gaggenau wine climate cabinet which will be found at the new Gaggenau Sommelier Sessions at Winetopia Auckland. It provides professional wine storage with conditions akin to that of a wine cellar right in your kitchen. It's not hard to see why this is a priceless addition to any wine enthusiast’s home.


Your Art Collection Will Get Jealous.

Grand architecture demands grand interior pieces. Your wine climate cabinet, much like your art collection, speaks to who you are. Every Gaggenau piece is distinctively designed, crafted from exceptional materials, offers professional performance, and has done so since 1683. View the full Gaggenau collection here