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Level Up Your Wine & Food Exploration

Take a deep dive into the best of New Zealand wine with one of our gurus. We are excited this year to also present food and wine pairing masterclasses with some of Auckland's hottest restaurants!

​These classes are outstanding value; 30 - 40 minutes with some wonderful hospitality veterans and 4 great wines selected specifically for the occasion.

Restaurant Masterclasses include 4 canape sized dishes to accompany the wines. 

Masterclasses will take place in a dedicated space on the second level of the Viaduct Event Centre - just upstairs from the wineries and pop-up restaurants. 

Join wine gurus Mike Bennie & NZ's only Master Sommelier Cameron Douglas for our wine masterclasses. Our wine & food pairing masterclasses are led by chefs: Jordan MacDonald (Duo Eatery), Kyle Street (Culprit), Fabrizio Napolitano (Manzo), Nancye Pirini (Te Kaahu) and Executive Chef Shaun Dowling (Bossi).

Full schedules below.


 Make sure to select your entry ticket first and then select a Masterclass as an add-on.

Here's what you can expect at our Wine & Food Pairing Masterclasses

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